The good news is that we’re all living longer after retirement these days, so providing for that retirement is more in focus than ever. 

Saving for your retirement can help fund a comfortable lifestyle when you stop working and while the earlier you start your retirement funding the better, it’s never too late to start your pension


– pre-retirement

Personal Pension

This type of pension is designed for the self-employed or those in non-pensionable employment. Only the member can contribute to this plan, and contributions attract tax relief.  Benefits can be taken any time from age 60 to 75.


A personal retirement saving account can be accessed by anyone. Contributions can be made by the member and/or their employer. A PRSA is fully portable so can move with you if you change employer but will always be in your own name. Contributions by a member to a PRSA attract tax relief.

Buy Out Bond

(Personal Retirement Bond)

A Buy Out Bond is a single contribution pension used as a method of transferring your pension fund out of an employer’s pension scheme when leaving that employment. It is in the member’s own name and there is no further involvement of the scheme trustees from where the funds came.

– post-retirement


Approved Retirement Funds are post-retirement investment plans that allow you to continue to invest your pension fund in retirement and draw down an income from it as you need it, rather than buying an annuity. The ARF remains under your own control.


An annuity can be purchased with the proceeds of some of your pension fund on retirement and is designed to provide an income to you in retirement. Once issued, the annuity cannot be changed in any way. It will continue to pay you an income for the rest of your life.

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