Life Assurance & Income Protection

Insuring your life and income, or those of your co-directors or key employees, is as important in a business scenario as it is personally.

Speak to us today about how you can put these benefits in place so you no longer have to worry about the financial implications of the death or serious illness or injury of a keyperson to your business.

Executive Pension Term Assurance

This will pay a lump sum benefit on the death of the life assured before retirement age. This is a company paid benefit.

Business Protection

Life assurance policies which pay a lump sum on the death of a key person in a company, or on the death of a partner or co-director to facilitate the purchase of the deceased person’s share of the company from their estate (alongside a buy/sell agreement). These are company paid benefits.

Executive Income Protection

This will provide a replacement income in the event that you are unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury. This is a company paid benefit.

Group Risk Schemes

Where an employer wishes to provide death in service, income protection or serious illness benefits for staff, a group scheme can be set up to facilitate this. The cost of this cover is very competitive, and much less than on individual policies, due to the number of lives covered.

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