Atrium has agency agreements with the major life assurance providers in Ireland so we can offer you the best cover for your needs at the most competitive prices.

A lump sum paid on death, or the diagnosis of a serious illness, could provide some financial stability to you and your loved ones at a very difficult time.

There are a number of different types of life assurance cover, all of which Atrium provide for you.

Personal Protection

  • Mortgage protection
  • Term assurance
  • Whole of life protection
  • Serious/Critical Illness cover
  • Section 72 Relief (Capital Acquisitions / Inheritance Tax planning)

Business Protection

  • Keyperson Insurance
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Pension Term Assurance

The options for life assurance are many and varied and depend very much on personal, family or business circumstances.

We can tailor a bespoke solution to your particular needs, or review your existing cover, so speak to us today to start this important process.



Employers are often keen to provide additional benefits to their employees, and a group risk scheme is a great way to do this – whether it’s Death in Service, Income Protection or Serious Illness benefits, or a combination of these, we can get you a cost effective quote for your staff scheme.

We work with all of the providers of group risk in Ireland so you can be sure of competitive pricing.

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